Studio Hanna Whitehead is a design studio whose practice involves working with space, furniture and products. Based in the southeast of Iceland, the studio focuses on a hands-on approach, working in a very personal way, interweaving story, shape, materials and colour.
Hanna works on the boarders of art, design and craft often going between diverse materials within the same subject. She is very interested in the dialog between objects and viewer.
Designer Hanna Dis Whitehead graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011.



Part of the Reykjavík collection at Gallery Adorno, Copenhagen.

Selection of recent exhibitions

Vicious Circle vol 02 with Raili Keiv, Reykjavík art museum- Kjarvalsstaðir, Designmarch, Reykjavík, 2019.

Now Nordic by Adorno, Reykjavík art museum-Hafnarhús, Designmarch, Reykjavík, 2019.

Now Nordic by Adorno, Old Truman Brewery, London design fair, London 2018.

Now Nordic by Adorno, Den frie centre of contemporary art, Chart art fair, Copenhagen, 2018.

Now Nordic by Adorno, Old Truman Brewery, London design fair, London 2018.

Another Dialog , solo show. The Culture house, Hverfisgata, Designmarch, Reykjavík 2018

Illikambur with fashion label Milla Snorrason, Harbinger project space, Designmarch, Reykjavík. 2018.

Fact based myth with Norwegian artist Mia Melvær. Icelandic design center, Reykjavík. 2017.

Viscious Circle with Raili Keiv. Estonian museum of applied art and design, Tallinn, Estonia. 2016

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